2022-2023 UI/UX Designer - TPF Vietnam

A significant portion of my work here revolves around crafting website marketing campaigns, developing 3D mockups, and building small CRUD apps using Sveltekit - a JavaScript framework that aligns with my skill set and interests.

2021-2022 Designer & Developer - Coconut Group

I provided effective solutions and defined the style orientation for a startup brand, as well as producing social media products, and building a website based on WordPress and Haravan.

2013-2021 Graphic Designer - TPF Vietnam

I have a significant tenure at TPF Vietnam, where I held various positions such as graphic designer, high-end retoucher, 3D visualizer, and web designer. I also aided the business in resolving automation issues to enhance efficicency.

2012-2013 UI/UX - SGVN

Since the concept of UI/UX was rather unfamiliar in Vietnam at that time, I began to build websites and apps using Photoshop, which took ten times longer to complete compared to the existing Figma. I also broadened my understanding of CSS and HTML.

2012 Graphic Designer - Golden ACE Viet Nam

I acquired a wealth of knowledge regarding design methods that utilize CNC machining during. Moreover, I gained invaluable experience in communication design for social media platforms.